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08 January 2012

Christmas is Over? Yeah, We Missed That Memo.

Even though our tree is down and our decorations are mostly put away, Christmas isn't over around here yet.  Our lights outside are still up {and may stay that way for awhile} and I still have the girls' ornament tubs out to organize.  We went to Target the day after Christmas and got two ornament containers that will house each of the girls ornaments from now until they are older.  On Pinterest, I found a printable form that we printed out.  I'm filling out the information that pertains to each of their ornaments and attaching a picture.  I'm glad that this will be with their ornaments because I want them to know the story behind each one as they pull them out to decorate their trees when they get older {something I have forgotten about many of mine}.  I also love that they will be nicely organized in their own little box!

I have everything printed and ready, I just need to get them all filled out and cut out and put in a small photo album.  {Eeeks, sounds like I have lots more work to do!}

I was also able to finally put together all of our Christmas cards from this year so that we can have them to look through for years to come.  This was another Pinterest idea.  If you haven't gotten bitten by the Pinterest bug yet, just wait!  I'm sure you will.

Thursday night, we decided to take the girls to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo.  We have a membership now {Thanks Coopers!} and so we scored $1 off the price of admission.  David had never been to this zoo, so it was neat for him to explore it, even if it was dark!  I didn't know what to expect with Zoo Lights, but they really were pretty.  We even got to see some of the actual animals and walked away with two little giraffes for the girls {for free}.

Still sort of crazy to walk around and see Christmas lights and only need a sweatshirt.

Sorry for the not-so-great iphone picture!

Here's to getting all the Christmas stuff done before Valentine's Day rolls around!

Happy Sunday from the Valley of the Sun!


Jillian said...

Hey Olivia, NICE DRESS!! MWAH! And damn Amanda, stop being so organized and making the rest of us look bad. ;)

Mom Cooper said...

Glad you enjoyed the zoo lights. I don't care where you are getting your ideas from, they are neat and you are following through with them. Good for you. Your girls will appreciate all the hard work and fun things you do for/with them. You are a good Momma.

Irma said...

Great ideas from Pinterest! Wished I had them when the kids were young!