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01 February 2012

Just Keep Swimming

One of the things I loved about living in the central coast was the San Luis Parent Participation classes that Olivia and I took.  I swear those classes made me a better mom.  Not that they necessarily taught me tons of things, but they gave me a social outlet, they gave Olivia socialization and play time and, yeah, they did introduce some new topics to me.  It was so wonderful having other moms and dads to bounce ideas off of and, as I've mentioned before, I made some really really wonderful friends through that program.

It was important to me that I find something like that out here for Olivia and me to do together.  And, in the future, for me and Sydney to do as well.  Well, I found that something before we even moved.  And then we came out here and the program book kept sitting on my desk, month after month after month.  You know, stuff happened.  Moving in.  Settling in.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  January.  Well, enough of all of that stuff.  I need it.  And Olivia needs it.

My wonderful husband went through the book and picked out some classes for him to do with Olivia {he needs those Daddy/Daughter dates too} and helped me find some that would work for her and I to do together.  Hip hop dance anyone?  Mmmkay, maybe not this go round.  But, I am signing us up for a class or two and David signed up for a few for them as well.  Their first class was last Saturday and if you can't tell from the title, it was a swimming class.

I stayed home with Sydney, but my dad went with them and took some great shots with my camera.  Thanks Dad!

I guess she got voted Best Dressed.

Yes!  Outdoor swim lessons.  In January!

Apparently our little water bug is too advanced for the beginner's swim class, so this Saturday she will be in the advanced class!  She loves it - look at that smile!

And, I just absolutely love my husband for taking the initiative to sign up for these classes.  He is such a wonderful father and Olivia is so lucky to have such an active and involved dad.  I have such fond memories of my dad taking me to my swim lessons when I was younger and I know Olivia will have wonderful memories of her daddy/daughter time too.

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Mom Cooper said...

Nothing like a well dressed girl at the pool. Glad you and David have signed Olivia up for some fun mother/father/daughter activities. Lots of things to do here in sunny AZ.