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13 February 2012

More Pictures Than Words

I have two napping babies - one in a crib and one in the Ergo.  {Ahhh, peace and quiet.} Can you guess which one is where?  Here are those pictures I promised you...

Tadpole Swim Lessons

Thanks, Jill, for her hair inspiration!

Desert Breeze

Swimming with Poppy
You guys, it's FEBRUARY and she is swimming outside!

She loves to jump off the side of the ladder and into Poppy's arms.  She goes under a lot and it doesn't phase her at all!

Sending you some sunshine today.
Happy Monday from the Valley of the Sun!


Poppy said...

Olivia has come so far in the water and her swim lessons. She is fearless in the pool and we have such a fun time playing. Love it love it love it! It reminds me so much of the times we would spend in the pool when we took you kids to the Brown Co. pool on Sunday afternoons.


Irma said...

What fun! She looks like a natural in the water. And so lucky to have time in the pool with her Poppy! She can show me her swimming capabilities later this month...can't wait!

Mom Cooper said...

I am amazed at how well Olivia does in the water. Good thing too since she will probably be spending a lot of time in the pool this summer.

Poppy and I are going to miss our daily contact with you and the girls. OK I know we will probably still see you every day, I'm just saying!!!