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18 February 2012


This sweet little nugget hasn't had enough face time on the ol' blog lately....

An oldie...I found this in my phone the other night and Instagrammed it.  
Oh, she was so little.

Handmade shoes her Daddy brought back from Venezuela.

Yes, I let her sleep on me.  This precious time goes by too quickly for me not to.

First taste of real food.

I just love her!

And a Magnum for good measure...


Poppy said...

Cute pictures Sis. She is sooooo precious! my favorite for sure is the apple pic.


Irma said...

Love that she has started eating "real" food. I guess she is ready for some of my spaghetti! Can't wait to see the girls!

Mom Cooper said...

Oh Sydney how you light up my life with your smile and sweet little giggle. These first 6 months have flown by, before you know it we will be celebrating your FIRST birthday. Nana sure loves getting to spend precious time with you and your big sister.