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05 February 2012

Keep Calm and Go to the Playground

Day 5 and our motto is Keep Calm and Go to the Playground.  We are trying to keep as busy as possible - the house gets less messy and Olivia gets worn out.  We've pretty much moved in to my parents' house and I'm so thankful they haven't given us an eviction notice yet.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

I love this picture!

On Saturday, Mom and I took Olivia to her new swim class.  In this class, she swims without a parent in the water and we were a little worried on how she might do, but she was awesome!  I'm not going to say she was the best listener ever, but for this being her first independent class, I think she did great!  She is just like a little fish in the water - she loves it.  After class was over, she got out and the she went right back and tried to get in again.  Not until next week, baby.

She went up to this girl and said, "What are you wearing?"

Blowing bubbles

SO happy

And, we aren't the only ones worn out with all of our running around...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday from the Valley of the Sun


Amanda said...

Wow! Poppy is impressed.

Irma said...

A busy schedule for Olivia means a busy schedule for you too. Create a balance so you both don't get so worn out. I can only imagine how how much of she loves swimming. Seems she has no fear of the water! Looking sooo cute!