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07 February 2012

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Guess what?!  It's another random post!  With random cell phone pictures!

+ We are still camped out at my parents' house.  I can't believe they haven't kicked us out yet.  I probably would have given us the boot by now if I were them.  #wearelucky

Newsflash Magnum - that's not a bed.

Ha ha - neither is this.

+  We are still trying to keep busy, but the last couple of days have been tough.   I am at a loss as to what to do about her naps right now.  She fights an early nap, but if she goes down at her normal time (3), she is up until midnight.  So far, the lesser of two evils has been to let her skip her nap so she's down for the count by 8.  Unfortunately, that means her behavior isn't always the greatest in the early evenings.

This, can quickly turn into....

this.  OY.

So, we got the heck outta dodge!

+  So thankful for my parents.  Olivia helped her Poppy make grapefruit juice the other morning.  YUM.

+  I have tried my best to help out around here and keep the place somewhat clean.  I made Southwest stuffed bell peppers last night and ended up substituting the brown rice for quinoa.  It was so good.

+  This little baby officially has her second tooth.  Bless her little heart - two teeth back to back.

+  We went to a little Mexican restaurant tonight.  It was nice not having to fix dinner - even if it meant taking two kids with us.  We took this picture of Olivia by the ducks.  We did the same thing when she was there after she turned 1.  You can see that picture here.  

+  We've been able to Skype with David a couple of times.  You have to love modern technology because I was able to answer a Skype call from him while sitting in the dentist's chair getting my crown put on.  I'm sure he loved seeing that.

+  Sorry for the random post again.  I just wanted to get some of these pictures up and my brain is pretty much fried.


Poppy said...
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Poppy said...

We love having you girls here. Even if the house is in disarray, my afternoon siesta is no more and Nana is worn to a frazzle every evening we still very much love having you girls here. Soooo, no you are not in any danger of being evicted.


Mom Cooper said...

Evict NO......Breather YES!!!!

Here goes my thoughts for the day. If I were asked what the hardest job on earth was, I would have to say being a parent. If asked what the BEST job was, I would say being a grandparent. Guess what Amanda, because of you I am both. I am so blessed.

When I think of all the opportunities I have to be in your children's lives, I wouldn't trade it for all the sleep, clean house, and even temper tantrums in all the world.

I too had to call on my Mom and Dad for assistance more than once. For instance, when your Dad was working on his masters and would be gone during the week. The three of us made many a trip to Grandma and Papaw's house. A little R&R for me and bonding time with you both for them.

I'm thankful for our close-knit family.

Marissa said...

Sydney now has as many teeth as Brooks! Seriously, he only has 2 teeth. How he chews his food is beyond me. :)