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08 April 2012

Around These Parts

Well, we certainly have had an eventful week!  This is the first week in a long time that we've had something planned for every day of the week {something more than just a Target run or playground trip each day} and let me tell you, by Friday, I was worn out!

On Wednesday afternoon, David and my dad took Olivia up to the pool for some swimming.  When I put Sydney down for a nap, I decided to head up to the pool to take some pictures of Olivia.  Well, I got a few and then I watched her slip into the pool and hit her chin on the edge of the pool.  What a terrifying moment that was for me.  My dad scooped her out of the pool and her poor chin was just gushing blood.  She was really so brave and only cried for a couple of minutes.  Four Flavor-Ices later and she was good to go!  {And, some Liquid Band-Aids and Princess Band-Aids lovingly applied by her Daddy.}

On Thursday, we met up with our new friends Liz and Brooklyn {and baby Zack} to check out a local aquarium (that is located in an outlet mall).  As soon as we headed in from the parking lot, we both gave each other a look of "UH-OH" because there were school buses and kids groups everywhere!  Liz was pushing her side-by-side double stroller and I was pushing my double as well.  There were just WAY too many kids.  Not that I expected the place to be empty, but I didn't expect it to be wall-to-wall kids.  We maneuvered through as quickly as we could and kindly asked for comp tickets so that we could come again another day.  We ended up spending the next hour or so in the food court letting the kids ride the carousel and having our fish-themed snacks.

On Friday, we did our butterfly release.  We had "raised" butterflies one time before when Olivia was a little over a year old and decided to do it again now that she was a little older.  We watched the little caterpillars get bigger and bigger, form their J's, form their chrisalys and then eventually emerge as butterflies.  We watched them for a few days and released them on Friday.  Of course I had to dress my girls in butterfly attire.  We ended up keeping one butterfly because his wing was injured.  We felt like he would have a better life with us.

You can see her little boo boo under her chin.  It's a lot better than it looks there - most of what you see is the liquid band-aid.  (And all that stuff around her mouth is sucker juice.)

Poor little guy...or girl

After our butterfly release, we headed over to Nana and Poppy's house to decorate Easter eggs.  She did a great job decorating them and even ate one of them {which surprised me}.

Friday evening, we all got ready and headed up to my parents' church to attend the Good Friday service and hear my mom sing a solo in the Easter cantata.  Mom knocked it out of the ball park for sure!

After Olivia's swim class and bunny extravaganza class on Saturday, she and Sydney opened their Easter treats from Grandma and Poppa!  They loved everything and Olivia kept saying over and over, That was SO nice of Grandma to send me this.  Even from 1300 miles away, the girls can feel the love of their grandparents.  Thank you, Peter and Irma for remembering our girls this Easter.

As if all that Easter goodness wasn't enough, we headed over to my parents' house for an early Easter egg hunt and dinner.

Little Miss Serious.  ALWAYS when the camera comes out.

Who new a bug catching net could be so exciting!

Hey there Blue Eyes.

This is the best picture I got of Sydney opening her Easter basket.  
Yeah, I don't see a basket either.  But, I promise you, she had one!

Alright - all caught up for last week.  I hate that I am posting this on Easter with no pictures of the day, but that's how it is.  I started this post 24 hours ago and am just now finishing it up.  With any luck, Easter pictures will be up in a few days.  Hope you all were able to spend the day with the ones you love. 

Happy Easter from the Valley of the Sun


Poppy said...

That sure was a very busy week. I got tired just reading it. But, it was a very special week. Don't forget she week to church to hear her nana sing and spent the time in the little tree house as she called it at at church child care center.

Love those girls to pieces!


Irma said...

Glad you had such a nice Easter week. The girls look beautiful as usual. Miss them lots and lots.