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17 April 2012

Olivia is Three

Oh my precious Olivia,

Somehow you've grown right before my very eyes.  There is absolutely no baby left in you at all - you are a full-fledged toddler.  I see you in the baby pictures, but I don't see the baby in you anymore.  And you are only three.  So that means you have a lot more growing to do.  And while I am eager for all the wonderful moments that are yet to come, I can't help but be a little weepy at the time that has passed.  Your daddy and I love you so much and we are so proud of you.  You are smart and funny and oh-so creative.  There are days where my heart just wants to burst open with all the love I have for you.  Keep learning, keep growing, keep smiling and laughing.  And keep on knowing that we love you to the ends of the earth.  {So much so that we've endured 6+ hours of car time to take you to the most magical place on Earth - Disneyland!}

I want to detail some of the funny things you do these days, so here are a few that I can think of.

+  Yesterday, I asked your dad to bring me a blank cd {and you thought I said blanket} and you yelled down the hall to me, "We don't have any stinkin' blankets!"  That's something you have heard your Poppy say.  Little pitchers have big ears, Poppy!

+  You are mildly obsessed with the movie Dumbo.  {Moving on from Jungle Book}  You love to climb up on your dad like the elephants do and have even attempted climbing up on your sister.  In the movie, it's called the Pachyderm Pyramid, but for some reason you call it juggling.  Your favorite part of the movie is what your dad and I think is the saddest.  All the mommy elephants are cuddling with their babies, but Mama Jumbo is locked in the "Mad Elephant" cage {or jail as you like to play with your animals}.  Timothy takes Dumbo to see her and she rocks him with her trunk to the Baby Mine lullaby.  You want to watch this clip over and over despite the fact that it brings tears to your parents' eyes!  You even line up all of your animals and match them with mommies or babies and sing the lullaby to them.  Your favorite is to take two little elephants and make the baby elephant swing from the mommy elephant's trunk - just like the movie.

+  You have been sleeping in your big girl bed for a few weeks now and love it.  However, you are having a hard time falling asleep at night and have been pushing it to 11 or 12 at night before you fall asleep.  You definitely take after your parents there.

+  You can be a stinker sometimes.  {Truth be told, girl.}  And, it's so funny that if we say, "Well, Poppy was going to take you to the playground, but he only does that for nice girls," you will quickly come back with a sweet little voice and say, "Hiiii Poppy.  How are youuuu today?!"  You definitely know how to work it.

+  I can pretty much get you to do anything for two M&Ms.

+  You know what? I think three looks pretty good on you, kid.

Haven't seen enough of this beautiful child?  You can watch her birthday video here.  

Happy Birthday, Big Girl.
I love you so much.


Mom Cooper said...

Happy, happy birthday my precious baby (big) girl. I love that you are so close to Nana and Poppy that we can almost see you grow right before our eyes. I love you with all my heart-even on the days your are a "stinker". Glad you are having a good time at Disneyland. Next time Nana wants to go with you!!

Poppy said...

Yes she is one beautiful girl. But heck, look at the pattern she was made from. Her mama is beautiful and her daay is good looking so what did yo expect. And yes, she does know how to work her Poppy, there must be a secret school all little girls attend to learn that skill. We sure are proud of you and love you so much.


Irma said...

Olivia, who gave you pemission to turn three already!?! I am sure your Mom and Dad relived every minute of the day you were born. In some sense it only seems like yesterday, yet here you are...3 already!