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15 April 2012

Long Time Coming...

When we were back in California, David would go on Daddy/Daughter dates with Olivia almost every Friday.  They would go to Avila Beach to the playground, the farmers' market and the beach.  Every time he would leave, I would say, Take lots of pictures!  And, sometimes he would and sometimes he wouldn't.  But, I never {or rarely} got them to put on the blog.  Now that we are out here, he still does Daddy/Daughter dates with her, just not to the beach.  {Hello, Mr. Obvious}  

Anyway, David gave me a few pictures off of his cell phone today - some are of recent outings and some {Mr. Obvious again} are from a long time ago.

Around 8 months old...

Testing out car seats at 13 months.

Palo Alto Art Fair - 15 months maybe


Oh my.  I love this picture.
Thank you, David, for giving me this one.
{literally + figuratively}

Date night with Daddy and Poppa.
{So glad that mohawk is G.O.N.E.}

They grow way too fast...

A few weeks ago, we had a rainy Saturday or Sunday and David took Olivia to an indoor amusement park.  They had a blast!

Girl loves her some elephants these days.

I've even taken to Instagramming David's pictures.

Over Easter weekend, David took Olivia to a Meet the Creature class with lots of bunnies, ducks and tortoises.  

This Saturday, after swim class, David took Olivia to the rec center and saw a bunch of girls coming in dressed as princesses.  He asked what was going on and found out that there was a Princess Tea Party class getting ready to start.  He quickly signed her up, ran to the childcare "Treehouse" and grabbed her an outfit and she was ready for tea.  {This was a solo class for Olivia and when David returned he saw her covered in marker and LOVING the 0% juice, high fructose corn syrup Kool-Aid drink.}

Sad when I was more worked up over her looking like a hot mess at a tea party and not the fact that HFCS is not tea.

Thanks for the pictures, Babe.  
And more importantly, thanks for taking your daughter out on such fun dates.


Mom Cooper said...

Good job David on the impromptu princess tea party. I know Olivia enjoys all the neat outings you two go on.

Poppy said...

I'm pretty sure you might be in the running for the "Daddy of the Year" award. Keep it up!

Great pictures Sis.


Irma said...

Looking at these beautiful pictures makes me wonder how it all happened so fast. Did I fall asleep while she was growing up!?! Tell her to slow down the growing up just a bit!