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10 April 2012

Easter Fun

What a wonderful Easter we had!  Three different egg hunts, two Easter baskets to open and one yummy lunch with family and doesn't get much better than that!  {Did I mention that I put the girls in matching dresses?!  Next time I'll know to do pictures before the hunt in 90 degree weather!}

Sweet girl gave her animal crackers to Magnum.

I love these two girls. 
{Even if it takes 323 shots to get a few good pictures.}


Poppy said...

Awesome pics of the the two cutest lil girls I know. Even if it took so many pics to get them, they are the best. It truly was a wonderful Easter. We enjoy having you all so much here that its beyond words. Love you all so much.


Mom Cooper said...

Cute pictures, cute, adorable girls, and a great Easter. Family together for a wonderful meal, what more could a Nana ask for.

I loved the dress when Olivia wore it and now Sydney looks like a doll in it too.

I am so blessed to have these baby girls in my life. I hope in some small way I am a blessing to them too.

Irma said...

This picture series brought a big smile to my face and joy to my heart! Give the girls big hugs and kisses from us.