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04 April 2012

Golf Balls + Egg Hunts

This post is going to be light on words and heavy on pictures.  Long story short {or as my friend Nik says mine go, long story long}, my dad played in two golf tournaments this weekend and we had the pleasure of watching him win one of them.  {He actually won both, but the second one occurred during naptime, so we missed it.}  Yay for Poppy!  The tournament was Americans vs Canadians, so we had to sport our patriotic gear.  There is nothing cuter than a girl dressed in red, white and blue waving around the American flag.

My dad getting a little side bump action from his friend Sam on hole 18.

A congratulatory hug and kiss.

Go Americans!

After the girls woke up from their naps, David and I hid some cascarones {confetti-filled eggs} for Olivia to find.  She had so much fun finding them and I just know she is going to be a pro on Sunday!

Definitely an outside activity

Note the blue egg in her hand...

... and now on her lips.

Yesterday, we met up with one of our new friends for a MOMs group egg hunt.  Olivia had fun decorating her snack bag {those holiday-themed snacks were so cute} and did a great job finding her eggs.

And now we are off to Wee Dance!
Happy Wednesday


Mom Cooper said...

I can truly say a good time was had by all. I love all the pictures. Keep up the good work Amanda.

Poppy said...

That was awesome Sis. Thanks for putting my mug shot in there too. It was truly a great day for me, the Americans and so so special to have my family following me around the course.

So grateful that you all are here in the valley,