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01 January 2013

Obligatory Santa Claus Pictures

Last year, Ryan wanted so badly to see the girls sit on Santa's lap.  Well, if you remember {or look here if you don't}, Olivia wasn't too keen on hanging out with Santa last year so taking her back a second time definitely wasn't an option.  But, this year was a different story.  So, we decided to wait for Uncle Rhino to get out here before visiting Santa again.  {Even though Olivia saw him after her program, I didn't get a picture of Sydney with him so we definitely had to make another visit.}

Unfortunately, Ryan didn't get into town until the 21st and we didn't have a free day until Sunday after church {the day before Christmas Eve}, so that was the day for our Santa visit.  And of course everybody and their brother {and their cousin too} headed to Bass Pro this year {because who wants to pay $30 for a picture of your kid with Santa} since they do the free pictures.  We got in around noon and picked up a voucher to get in line at 3:30.  Bass Pro is huge enough that you could get lost for a few hours and they also have a pretty good restaurant, so we ended up sticking around for the entire time.

As we predicted, Sydney did not want to have anything to do with Santa.  I knew she was going to cry so I basically sat her in Santa's lap for 2 seconds, ran away so they could take the picture and then ran back to scoop her up.  Olivia, on the other hand, had to pretty much be pried from his arms as she was so busy fake smiling and giving him her list of demands.

Oh man, I'm thinking in a couple of years I might get a picture of both girls happily sitting on Santa's lap...and then they won't want to do it anymore!

And, since they matched so well, here are a couple of pictures from after church.

Oh they don't look alike at all.

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Mom Cooper said...

fun day even if Sydney did not want to sit on Santa's lap.