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19 October 2013

His Hospital Vacation

So, I know I've been MIA around here {again}.  I have so much to catch up on...our biggest girl just turned FOUR and a HALF!  Our baby boy is now a teenager! And this little ol' blog turned FIVE!  But, first things first, the main reason I'm behind...a sick hubby, who is thankfully now on the mend.  Long story short, David has not been feeling well for the last month or so.  After a week of hearing him complain, I made him go see a doctor.  That doctor couldn't figure out what was going on and ordered a few tests.  The results led him to see a new doctor who ordered more tests.  Rinse and repeat.  Then, just as he was starting to feel better, the results from a CT scan came in showing that he had fluid around his heart and fluid on the lungs and the {3rd} doctor told him to check himself into the hospital. So, last Monday, we did just that.  After a few hours in the ER, they told us they were admitting him to run more tests and see a cardiologist.  Thankfully, my parents returned from a week back in Indiana/Kentucky a couple hours before we headed into the hospital.  This past week would have been an absolute nightmare without their help!

➹ I sort of feel bad for those old fogies who don't have iPhones to play with! ➹

➹ He basically treated this hospital stay like a mini vacation.  Here he is ordering room service at 9:00 at night! ➹

➹ I took Olivia up to see him on Tuesday evening.  She was so good...just as sweet and kind as could be to everyone she saw. ➹

➹ And, he FaceTimed with Sydney before bed. ➹

➹ And then to make things fair, she got to go up Wednesday morning.  She was clearly not impressed with his hotel room. ;) ➹

➹ And then she found the buttons on the bed. ➹

➹ Here is David modeling his resort wear. ➹

➹ And, here we have his cocktail. {Not really.  That's what they pulled from outside his right lung. Eeek!} ➹

➹ Liv colored these sheets for the sweet lady a couple doors down from David who was having a pacemaker put in. ➹

➹ I think he felt a little cooped up. ➹

➹ And, Thursday morning...he knew he was gonna bust out that night! ➹

So, yeah, David stayed at the hospital until Thursday evening when he was finally released to come home.  Even though he hasn't gotten a real diagnosis, we are hoping the medicine they gave fixes him up as good as new! And, we sure are glad to have him back at home!


Poppy said...

A lot of prayers on his behalf had to help as well. We are sure glad he feels and looks better.


Mom Cooper said...

We can hear an AMEN on that Poppy. We are so thankful David is on the mend. Nothing scarier than having a loved one in the hospital while the DRs are trying to figure out what is going on with his body.

We are thankful we made it home in time to help out with the girls while David had his mini-retreat at the local Club Med.