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09 October 2013

September Happenins

Let's just call this what it is --- a brain/photo dump.  

➸➸ I got Sydney some sunsuit/rompers for her birthday.  They are hands down my favorite type of outfit on little walkers and I realized that she was on the verge of outgrowing the style.  Of course, the triple digit weather has left us, but I think we still have a few more weeks of heat to show these bad boys off.

➹ Also, PIGTAILS! ➹

➸➸ Uncle Rhino brought the girls back some silk pajamas from Hong Kong and they couldn't wait to try them on!  Liv actually slept in hers!

➸➸  Olivia has started taking a princess ballet class at the rec center.  I'd love to be able to watch her perform, but all the other parents crowd around the door and I refuse to do that so...I'll have to wait for the recital. 

➹ She felt like she needed a little more cardio that what ballet was offering... ➹

➸➸ Sydney kicks butt at playing hide and seek.  Seriously.  She is the best little hider.  And, when you come close, she closes her eyes as if that were to make us not able to see her.  {Also, she can count to ten when it is her turn to hide.}

➹ I'm sure she thought, Hey, I'll hide back here where Mommy keeps her workout stuff.  That never gets used! 

➹ Inside her sister's laundry basket! ➹

➸➸  Seriously, you guys, there are no words for this girl.  She IS the bees knees.

➹ I guess it does get used sometimes. ➹

➸➸ And this one is the bees elbows!

➸➸ I know I owe a blog post about the quiet boxes {which have been on a slight hiatus due to Hawaii and 2 1/2 weeks of fall break}, but when they are in action, I love them.  Olivia loves learning and she is so excited to write.  A few weeks ago, she wrote these:

➹ Olivia Praza Bok {Olivia's Princess Book} ➹

➹ Mom I love you too. Olivia ➹

Thanks for sticking with me...I'm almost caught up to real time!  Whoo hooo.


Poppy said...

Those girls never cease to amaze me. I'm so impressed with each one. They both are so lucky and so blessed.


Mom Cooper said...

Sometimes there are no words to describe these two baby girls. They each are so special in their own ways. I am so blessed to be able to see them grow and learn on a daily basis.

Love Syd's outfits too. What a doll she is wearing them.

I am so proud of both of my girls.