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21 October 2013

Before I Forget

Yes, I know I still have quite a few things on my catch-up list, but I actually pulled out my real camera this afternoon and snapped a few precious pictures that I just couldn't wait to share.

When David was in the hospital, a volunteer brought him a small carnation to brighten up his room.  He gave it to Olivia who proceeded to plant it in the empty planter in our backyard.  Well, that must have sparked an idea in my parents' head and today my dad brought over some flowers to plant with Olivia.  She had so much fun stirring up the dirt and putting the flowers in the little bowl.  One of the flowers was a "Sunny Olivia" and she thought that was the coolest thing to have a flower with her name.

We talked a little bit about what it takes to make plants grow and she told me they needed water and sun and time.  I asked if they needed anything else and after a minute or so, she said, "Love.  They need love to grow."  {That they do.}

So, once they were in the ground, she gave them just that.  She sat next to them, kissed them and sang them song after song about how she loved them, how she didn't want them to have sadness and how they were in her heart forever.  It was really so sweet.

Thanks, Poppy for brightening up our day!  Here's hoping we can keep these pretty flowers alive for awhile!

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Unknown said...

Awesome Sis! It was so much fun planting them with her. I'm sure she will take good care of them.