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29 October 2013

October is for Crafting

I really love it when October hits and not just because the temperature drops from burning the soles of your feet through your flip flops to oh yeah this is what it feels to enjoy the outdoors, but because it is the start of the crafting season!  I love being able to do fun activities with the girls that center around a theme.  Mama loves a theme!  So, when I saw that a class was being offered to make some Halloween crafts in a place where I wouldn't have to fully clean up the mess, I was all over it!  We invited our friends Brooklyn and Zack to come along and we all had a blast making pumpkin and witch votive holders out of Mason jars, making Halloweeen picture frames and decorating Halloween cards.

➹ Liz took Sydney and Zack for a little walk and found a vending machine.  Her mouthful of Oreos explains why Liz is her favorite... ➹

➹ Clearly we did not brush her hair before we left.  But, would you look at those hearts on her card!!➹

➹ Such sweet friends! ➹

Apparently I didn't feel like that was enough Halloween crafting, so a few days later we invited our neighbor friend over to make a mess craft some more.  

It is really hard for me not to get all perfectionist on them when they are painting and coloring.  I don't know if it is the Age of Pinterest or what, but I want the finished product to be cute and perfect.  Liz totally laughed at me the whole time we were at our craft class because I kept touching up the paint so there wouldn't be any open spots on the picture frame.  I just have to realize that these are each their tiny masterpieces and I need to appreciate them for what they are...even if the pumpkin has a mustache and is wearing glasses without temples and the cat looks like it walked into a wet Jackson Pollock painting.  And I mean that in the sweetest way possible. :)

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Mom Cooper said...

the girls are so blessed to have you as their momma. Glad they enjoy doing "Crafty" things as much as you do.