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22 October 2013

My Little Copycat

I'm sure I have mentioned this at least 1,000 times, but it bears repeating:  Sydney wants to do everything that her big sister does.  Just tonight, Olivia was riding the scooter around our kitchen and accidentally fell off.  David scooped her up off the ground and held her while she cried for a couple of minutes.*  Sydney, dressed in the exact same nightgown**, went over to the scooter, knocked it over, fell down and fake cried.  It was sweet and hilarious at the same time.

* She's fine.
** I may have contributed to this behavior with my love of dressing them up in matching outfits.  

I don't think Sydney knew that this little tiger costume once belonged to her big sister, but she still loved putting it on and ROARing with all her might.  {I couldn't help but pull out a couple pictures of Liv wearing it...she was about 18 months in them, where Sydney is about 26 months.}

➹ Sydney ➹

➹ Olivia ➹

Love my little tiger cubs!

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Sis , you can barely tell them apart. I am so amazed at how close the two of them look alike.

Beautiful little girls and heart breakers when they get older. You guys think you have your hands full now, just wait!