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30 October 2013

October Happenins

I have a few pumpkin patch picture sessions to share with you guys, but I wanted to share a few other pictures/things with you before I did that.  So, here's some randomness for your Wednesday.

➸➸ I am pretty much obsessed with these twirly skirts that I got {keep on getting...} for the girls.  They are upcycled skirts made from old t-shirts.  Olivia is even more obsessed with them and I think they look absolutely adorable in them.  Liv has 3 or 4 already, along with a few in her Christmas gift pile and a few more on their way.  Her favorite is the Hello Kitty one which she seems to wear at least 4 times a week.

These girls, I'm telling you.  They are either cracking each other up or screaming at each other while executing some WWF moves I've never even seen.  Sydney's new thing is to get a mouthful of cold water from the faucet when they are taking a bath and then spit it into Olivia's face.  They usually both crack up at this which only makes Sydney want to do it more.  Then they climb on each other's backs and crawl around the tub.  They are nuts.  Lately, Olivia has been going in with me to get Sydney after nap or when she wakes up in the morning and she always has something sweet to say to her when she sees her.  Yesterday morning it was, "Well, hi sugar.  You sure are gettin' to be a big girl, aren't you." I swear she even said it with a southern accent.  

It is sometimes tough though because I know Olivia would love some alone time or time to play with her friend across the street.  And, sometimes it would be so much easier just to let her go play and let Sydney have some time to play with all of her toys {and not just the ones big sister doesn't want at that moment}.  But, I know that it is my responsibility to cultivate the relationship between my two girls and that can't happen if they are each playing by themselves.  I have a strong desire for my girls to not only be sisters, but the best of friends as well.  They are well on their way to that and I am so excited to watch their relationship develop.

➸ Sydney and I are enjoying a couple of Mommy & Me classes together now that Liv is in Pre-K four mornings a week.  On Mondays, we take a Kindermusik class together and on Thursdays we go to a class at My Gym.  While she enjoys the music class, I think she really gets a kick out of the My Gym class.  We meet up with Liz and Zack, so naturally she's going to be thrilled, but I think she also likes being able to run around, climb on things and bounce on the trampolines.  Her two favorite things are the slide and the ball pit.  I like that she is able to burn off some energy too.  Makes nap time a little easier on me!

➸ Did I mention we are loving being outside?!

➸ After Olivia and I picked up David from the hospital, we ran into Target to drop off his prescription and wandered the aisles while we waited for it to be filled.  David picked up this leather jacket and after Olivia tried it on, there was no hanging it back up on the racks.  Later that night at dinner, I had her say, "It's handled!" Kerry Washington-style while closing her play phone. Best Target purchase in a long time!

➸ And a few random pictures of Olivia....

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Mom Cooper said...

I so enjoy "reliving" their days through your pictures. Thanks Amanda for being so good at captivating their little lives so well.