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13 January 2013

Beyond Behind

Oh my goodness, you guys.  I am SO behind.  I'm behind in blogging.  I'm behind in laundry.  I'm behind in putting away my Christmas decorations.  I'm just plain behind.  I DID tonight, while the girls were playing in the bath, finally put away their Christmas ornaments/our Christmas cards/Santa Claus letters in their individual Christmas tubs.  I love having something organized especially for them.  But, I'm afraid at the rate we are going, they are going to need bigger tubs in just a few years!  In case you are lost as to what I am talking about, you can check out my post here.  {Although I just realized that I don't have a picture of the actual tub.  Maybe next year?}

This year, I got the girls the same ornament -- it's a Mickey Mouse ornament to commemorate our two trips to DisneyLand this year.  I didn't want to get any cheesy princess ornament, which is a little hard if  you want something girly and Disney related, but I think this one will look pretty on their trees when they are older.

My mom got the girls ornaments this year too.  They are really cute and I love that she had their names put on them as well.

And, as I have every year since Olivia was born, I got the girls a pewter, picture ornament from Shutterfly.  I love these so much...I get weirdly excited making them and opening them up when they come in.

Here are Olivia's four ornaments.
{Such a big change from her 2nd and 3rd picture!}

Here are Sydney's two ornaments.
{That's a big change too.}

I have to try and remember that Olivia will always be four months older than Sydney for each holiday, but here are their pictures of their 2nd Christmases.  You can definitely tell these girls are sisters!

Pheeewww.  Feels good to have that part caught up.  I'm about to blog about our week's worth of activities, so be prepared for a zillion pictures.

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Mom Cooper said...

Amanda, this is such a good idea. The girls will one day look back at each of their ornaments and think of a special time they each represent.