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07 May 2014

Birthday at the Zoo {For Michael}

Another one of Olivia's little boy-friends is Michael.  We've done lots of things with him {and his family} over the past couple of years.  They were the first friends we made when we moved out here and we are so grateful for their friendship.  Olivia and Michael have a love-hate relationship sometimes, but thankfully they got along great at his birthday party at the zoo.  It was a gorgeous day, and we were lucky to spend extra time after the party exploring some parts of the zoo we had never done before!

I loved the idea of having the party somewhere other than your house!  At Michael's party, they brought in a craft for all the kids, five animals to interact with, and supplied the cake, ice cream, and goodie bags!  I'm thinking this might be a good idea for next year!

After a weekend filled with lots of fun activities, it was tough for Olivia to get up for school on Monday morning.  Girl, I feel your pain. Every. Day. Of. The. Week.

➹ That hair!!! ➹

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