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28 May 2014

Farm Living is the Life For Me

Over the weekend, we celebrated Olivia's friend's birthday at a local pony ranch.  I'm really, really digging this whole birthday party someplace other than your house idea!  Both girls had a blast celebrating Brooke turning 6.  They loved on baby bunnies, rode ponies, ate pizza, cupcakes & sno-cones, and even went on a princess carriage ride.  And, did I mention, they came home with a giant bag of pony/horse related goodies?!

➹ We need a bunny STAT! ➹

➹ Such sweet friends.  Olivia wanted Brooke to be by her side the entire time. ➹

➹ The day these ripped up jeggings become to small for her.... is the day I pass them down to Sydney. ➹

➹ Smallest girl, biggest pony.  Biggest girl, smallest pony.  Yeah, that makes sense. ➹

➹ This little boy LOVED Sydney.  He kept calling her "Cutie" to which she replied, I'm NOT a CUTIE!" 

➹ She wanted us to take this picture and send it to Uncle Rhino! ➹

As if that day wasn't fun enough, the girls ended up down the street in the afternoon at the neighbor's pool party!  Lucky girls!


Poppy said...

Wow! What a fun birthday party. I'm sooooo jealous. Great pics too.


Mom Cooper said...

Ditto Poppy. The pictures tell it all. Lots of fun, fun, fun!