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20 May 2014

Miscellaneous May {A Photo & Brain Dump}

Oh man, there is so much trivial stuff to catch you guys up with, the only way to get 'er done is to do a bullet pointed picture dump.  So, as long as I don't hear any complaints....crickets, crickets.....that's what you're getting!

➸➸ Have I ever talked about Sydney's My Gym classes?  We've been going once a week since last fall.  She has always really enjoyed it.  We've tried and they've tried to put together a siblings class on Thursday evenings so that David can take both girls and I can have a few hours of uninterrupted house cleaning time, but that's really only worked out a couple of times.  It's time for Sydney to move to a different class, but finding one with our schedule has proved difficult.  I tried out a Friday slot a couple of weeks ago and took Olivia with us.  She had to wait while Sydney had her class, but then was able to join in the fun afterwards for the free play.

➹ This is a really great skill to be teaching my 2.5 year old!  ➹ 

➹  We were playing hide & seek! ➹ 

➸ ➸ After the classes, I took the girls out to lunch at Qdoba.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, when I was finally able to try out Cafe Rio, Qdoba was my favorite burrito place.  I hate to be a traitor, but, Good God, Cafe Rio blows Qdoba out of the water.  

➹  Olivia does like Qdoba better though.  She wants to know why it is pronounced Q-Doba and not Qua-Doba. I just love being able to take the girls somewhere where they will eat something off of the menu and actually sit still for a few minutes while I enjoy my food! ➹ 

➸➸ My dad and I took Olivia to get a manicure and pedicure a couple of weekends ago!  She had so much fun!  And, we got to join in on the fun too!  {Dad got his regular pedicure and I had enough time to get a mani/pedi too!}  Olivia was cracking everyone up at the nail salon - she was asking a zillion questions about what everything was and why they were doing what they were doing.  I'm excited for more mani/pedi dates with my big girl! 

➹  Sydney had fun with David at the pool while we were getting pampered! ➹ 

➸➸ For Cinco de Mayo, we went to my parents' clubhouse for dinner.  We were seriously the youngest people there.  And, maybe the DJ didn't get the memo, but he was playing songs for people even younger than us.  But, that didn't stop the senior citizens from bumping, grinding, and twerking to Blurred Lines.  My girls were shocked! 

➸➸  David and I have been debating back and forth on where to send Olivia to kindergarten next year.  {That very likely could be a completely different post, if I wanted it to.  So, it may be.}  She is {sort of} currently registered at a "traditional academy" where they wear uniforms and work on things about a grade level ahead and have extra homework every night, but we wanted to check out the homeschool in our neighborhood where her friends go.  So, a couple of Fridays ago, David and I took her to have lunch with her good friend across the street.  After lunch in the cafeteria, she got to go into the library with Brooke because it was her birthday month celebration.  They got cookies, candy, and played games.  We went into her classroom afterwards, and the teacher let her join in on a few games with the class.  She LOVED it.  I'm sure she thinks that kindergarten is all about eating treats and playing games, but she is for sure excited about it.  {As I type this, David is dropping off her registration forms for our neighborhood school!  We feel really great about her going there in just a couple months!}

➹  Playing "Doggy, Doggy, Where's Your Bone?" which we have had to play a zillion times since then. ➹ 

➸➸ We celebrated David's birthday with cinnamon rolls and lots of other yummy breakfast foods.  I think he had a great day.  He got lots of rockets and water toys, and so when we got home, he played with the girls in the front yard.  I surprised him with a babysitter for the girls and we got to eat at Cafe Rio {because, obsessed, obviously} and then tried to get a reflexology massage {but, uhhh, something got lost in translation?}, so we ended up walking around Target for an hour.  Best date ever?!

➸➸ Mother's Day was the day after David's birthday.  It's nice to celebrate my birthday, give him a day, and then bring it right back to me.  :)  We had a great brunch at Cracker Barrel and then went to hang out at my parents house.  We got some nice pictures taken {and I'll post those in a day or so} and spent the evening at the driving range.  My dad got the girls a kid sized golf club, but Sydney had more fun retrieving golf balls and Olivia had more fun twirling around in the grass.  We'll keep trying, I'm sure.

➹  Can you spy Sydney in the middle of the picture?! ➹ 

➹  Look at that stance! ➹ 

➹  Takes me back to when he used to help me! ➹ 

➹  And, contact!  She gets her form from her daddy!  ;) ➹ 

Pheewwwww.  You guys feel better now that you are all caught up?!


Mom Cooper said...

Fun May times, and still one more celebration. Nana's birthday!!!!!

Poppy said...

Wow! I love every picture. So many great memories captured forever.
I love you guys.