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05 May 2014

Day Date With Caleb

One of Olivia's favorite classmates from last year is in a different classroom than her this year, so we Caleb's mom and I planned a little morning date for the two of them {and the two of us!} could get together and hang out.  We went and cheered Caleb on in his T-ball game and then we all headed over to a Meet the Creature class!


➹ A baby kangaroo! ➹

Such a fun morning with everyone!!


Unknown said...

Totally sweetness! I sure never had anyone come cheer for me when I played ball.......or golf.


Mom Cooper said...

Poppy, Maybe not when you were five. HAHA . You sure have lots of people cheering you now as you play golf.

Such sweet pictures both at the game and at meet the creature. David is so good with the girls to introduce each of the animals to them.

All these memories hopefully are going into their "memory bank".