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22 May 2014

A Magnificent Mother's Day

Am I the luckiest Mom around?!  I have two gorgeous girls, and I got to celebrate Mother's Day TWICE!  Olivia had a sweet Muffins for Moms program at her school a few days before Mother's Day.  The kiddos sang some cute songs and then presented us with a sweet little cookbook with their favorite recipes of ours.  Olivia wanted me to submit our Snickerdoodle recipe.  Umm, yeah, we take boxed sugar cookies and roll the dough around in cinnamon sugar and call it a day!  Ha.  

Our actual Mother's Day was great too.  We met up with my parents at Cracker Barrel for my favorite Sunday Special lunch and then hung out at their house {and the driving range} for awhile.  It was a relaxing day where I didn't have to fix a meal and mess up our kitchen.  Annnnddd, we got some pictures taken! So, all in all, I'd say it was a good day!


Mom Cooper said...

I sure feel blessed to be the mother and grandmother of these beautiful girls. It was indeed a wonderful Mother's Day.

Poppy said...

I love you girls, I am so blessed to have you all. Great pics.