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19 August 2015

Getting Into the Groove of School

Well, we are officially four and half weeks into the school year!  Isn't it crazy?!  If I'm doing the math right, that means we are 1/8th of the way through!  Insane.

We are sort of getting into the groove....although I don't think mornings will ever be easy for any of us!

Sydney is LOVING her preschool class -- praise the Lord!  She breezed through orange week and half of yellow week and got rave reviews from her teacher and dance teacher!  One of the teachers came up to me on Wednesday and told me that Sydney had consoled one of the other students during their worship session who was crying because it was too loud.  Awwwww.

➹ There is a small candy machine right by the door to leave.  I may or may not point it out to her and bring a quarter to reward her for her good days!  A little Skittles in a cup never hurt anybody! ➹

On Tuesday, Olivia woke up to me in her bed.  Sydney had crawled into bed with me and David and I was smooched between her and Magnum and could not get back to sleep.  So, I snuck out and went to sleep with Olivia.  It took me forever to fall back asleep and I could barely wake myself up when it was time to get going.  Olivia picked out her outfit, got completely dressed by herself, and poured herself her bowl of cereal {with milk!} all while I laid in her bed.  {Next up, teaching her how to pack her lunch. ;)}  She even brushed her hair and teeth without me prompting her to!  She was so proud of herself.  WE praised her up one side and down the other, but I guess not enough to get her to do it again this morning.  Ha! 

➹ I can't get enough of that smile! ➹

Mom was watching Sydney for us, so David and I went over to surprise her for lunch.  It's so funny to see her interact with her little friends at school!  We went outside with her for a few minutes after lunch and she showed off her jump roping skills.  She's getting pretty good at it!

➹ She's almost always the last one to go to recess. ➹

➹ She was so excited for her daddy to come to school! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

These are such spacial times. Take advantage while you can. There may come a time when it's not cool for parents (and God forbid grandparents) to eat with their grandkids. I'm pretty sure that won't happen in our kids case tho. BTW we enjoyed having lunch with Olivia today.