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13 August 2015

Swim Lessons and Donuts!

We have been taking swim lessons {on and off} through the city pretty much since we moved her.  I think it will be about 4 years this coming January for lessons for Olivia.  We don't do them year round -- pretty much just in the summertime -- and sometimes it's 4x/week and sometimes it is just on Saturdays.   She has moved up from the Daddy & Me classes {see that post here}, breezed through tadpole, shrimp, duck, seahorse, otter, turtle and is now in frog!  She's such a great swimmer and just loves being in the water.

Sydney is in duck and is just waiting a few weeks so she can meet the age requirement to swim on into the seahorse class!  She's just as much a fish as Olivia is in the water.

Our evening classes are over for now and we are just to Saturday mornings, which makes it perfect for sleeping in a little bit and then rewarding their hard work with a little Bosa Donuts treat!  ;)

And, in case you wanted some swim pictures....

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Mom Cooper said...

Oh the saga of our Little Mermaids. Love these little swimmers to pieces.