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12 August 2015

Sweet Little Reese Cup Turned ONE

Ohmyword -- is it really possible that Sweet Baby Reese is already a year old?!  Seems like no way a year has passed, but at the same time, it seems like we have known this incredible family for much more than just a year!

A little backstory on our dear friends -- we met Riley {Reese's big sister, and Liv's sweet classmate/friend/dance buddy} and her mom a couple years ago at our neighborhood playground and chatted for a few minutes about being at the same preschool {different days, different teachers}.  When Olivia graduated from Pre-K, I asked the director of our preschool if she knew of any families who would be at the same elementary school as Olivia and she mentioned Riley and said, "Oh, you would LOVE them...they are such a great family!"  Well, what do you know?  A few days later, on the day of kindergarten testing, Riley and her mom had the appointment right after ours.   We chatted and let the kiddos hang out a bit {the girls sort of knew each other because they were performing in the same number for the dance recital, but their classes were on different days}.  We exchanged numbers and said we would get together right before school started so the kids could hang out...we had our fingers crossed that they would be in the same class.

Well, when we got back from our summer in SLO, I texted Riley's mom about getting the girls together and it took her awhile to get back to me.  When she did, she had to cancel our play date because their world was about to get turned upside down....they were about to adopt a baby girl, and had appointments to get to and a nursery to prepare!

Fortunately, our girls were in the same class, and Sheri and I became instant friends.  We've known Baby Reese since she came home from the hospital and it's just been the sweetest, most amazing thing to watch her grow.  She's talking and walking and hanging with the big girls who just love on her constantly.  We were so lucky this past week to be able to celebrate ONE YEAR of Reese with their family.  Sheri throws a party like no other....

➹ Party hats with Reese's face on them! ➹

➹ Pin the diaper on Reese! ➹

➹ You can't tell from her face here because she's in a sugar coma, but she LOVED her giant cupcake! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! ➹

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Little Reese! Great pics again Sis and such a special friendship you girls have. A great neighborhood too!

Love you all.