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13 August 2015

That Third Tooth is OUTTA There!

One of Liv's top incisors has been loose for awhile now.  At first, I sort of encouraged her not to wiggle it so much because I wasn't ready for her to have a {semi} toothless grin.  I think she obliged for awhile and then started wiggling it with her tongue while she was at school.  She was so proud of how loose it had gotten and by this past weekend, it was obvious it was time for it to come out.

As you can see from the picture above, no matter how much she was told it really wouldn't hurt for it to come out, she still threw on the dramatics and stretched out that wiggly tooth for HOURS.  She had her neighborhood crew over and despite promises of icy treats, gum, stuffed animals, Lego Friends kits, etc., she just could not let anyone pull it out.  She wiggled and wiggled until about 6:15 Sunday night, and I just couldn't take it anymore.  When she had her mouth open, I sort of jabbed my hand in there to knock it was seriously barely hanging on, so it fell right out.  Of course, she said it didn't hurt.  It didn't even bleed.  And we were all relieved that it was out!

But all of that wiggling, drama, and change in her body made her a little sick to her stomach, and not twenty minutes later, she blew blue chunks {thanks blue raspberry italian ice} all over our bathroom. Quite the flair for the dramatics, this one has!  

She got a glittery $2 bill from the tooth fairy, a Lego Friends kit from Nana and Poppy, and all of the stuffed animals and gum her friends had promised her.  She came home from school on Monday and went right to work on that kit!

I'm not sure what I was so worried about with her toothless grin, because it is ADORABLE!  She loves it too!


Poppy said...

The girl can be a drama queen at times. So glad it is out. She still is soon cute!

Love Poppy

Mom Cooper said...

Bless her heart. I'm glad it is out too. Her pain is OUR pain. HAHA. She is adorable with or without that front tooth.