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12 August 2015

August Shenanigans

I'm either really great at blogging on a regular basis or really bad at it.  And, this month, I'm really bad.  #youwinsomeyoulosesome

David has been out of town for pretty much the last month.  No really, he's been home about as many days as I have fingers on one hand.  If it weren't for my incredibly amazing parents, we'd all be a lot nuts right now {instead of just a little nuts}.  Seriously, my parents have been awesome -- my dad took Olivia to swim lessons A TON, Mom fixed our dinners most nights, and she even stayed to put one of the girls to bed for me.  I'm spoiled, lucky, blessed, and extremely grateful.

➹ Olive Garden for the win!  Gotta treat the grandparents for all of their hard work! ➹


With school in full force, I've been doing lots of shopping.  Ha!  Not that kind of shopping -- who has time for that even with kids in school?!  I'm talking about GROCERY shopping.  I seriously feel like I go to the A store just about every day.  Anyone else like this?  I have to go to Costco for the giant containers of fruit, Target for their Market Pantry cheese {as that's the only kind Olivia will eat}, Trader Joe's for their freeze dried apples and their Strawberry Yogurt O's cereal {David picked up 17 boxes before school started and we are down to 2}, Fry's for their frozen noodles {game changer}, and Albertson's for just about everything else that I have forgotten to get at the gazillion other stores I went to that week.  Thank goodness I've got one of the strongest helpers around!

➹ Somehow this stack of IU folders got stuck in with the red AZ Cardinals stuff! ➹

Sydney is her usual pistol self. ;) LOVE HER SO!  She is having mostly great days at school, but maaaaayyyyybbbeeeee could use a little work in the sharing department. #thisisnotnewstome

➹ Little Miss Thang was my coffee date at church a couple Sundays ago because she refused to go into the childcare class.  Good thing she's cute, am I right?! ➹

Praise the Lord for friends who live close -- Sheri and I have been taking turns picking up the entire crew from school.  While I miss our chats on our walk there, it's nice staying in every other day and not sweating my butt off in triple digit heat!  Our freezers are stocked with icy treats to help cool the kiddos down.  It's funny how it grew from our two kids {sometimes 3 w/ Sydney when I can't leave her home with David} to five to now seven.  I'm thinking the popsicles have something to do with it!

➹ These two girls -- such SWEET friends! ➹

➹ I mean, who wouldn't want to eat an Italian Ice when it is 108 degrees outside?! ➹

What do you get when you combine first grade, swim lessons after school, 2 mg of melatonin and Olivia?  A girl who falls asleep with her light on while waiting for her mom to finish putting her sister to bed.  

I'm not telling everyone to take melatonin, but oh man, it has helped us so much with Olivia.  My sweet girl used to take over an hour to fall asleep on most nights.  She just could not get her mind to quit working.  She is now asleep in minutes and wakes up happy and refreshed and ready for school.  And, just look at that face!  Nothing better than a sleeping child! {Except a sleeping child at 9am on a Saturday.  Where's the pill for that?! ;) }

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Unknown said...

August is a great month, it used to be the "Back to School" month. Now, it's the end of summer for us because fall is oo beautiful here. Great pics Sis. Love the pics so much.