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19 August 2015

Our Weekend of Swim...

Are you guys sick of pool pictures?  I hope not because summer is not even close to being over here in the desert and the only way to stay cool is to take a dip in our oh so refreshing, 95 degree pool.  Yup, you read that right...NINETY-FIVE degrees has been the temp of our pool for the last week or so.  Oy.

Honestly, on Friday, we were SO hot, we couldn't even imagine getting in the pool.  Is that sad or what?  Sheri and I decided that maybe we would take the kiddos someplace with air conditioning instead, but neither of us wanted any place with crowds!!! We decided to try out Peter Piper Pizza right after school, and it was perfect!  There was only one other family in the place and after a couple hours of climbing and games, we walked across the parking lot {sweating the entire time} and ate at my favorite burger place, Freddy's.  It was a FUN FRIDAY for sure!

➹ Thank you, Dr Dre, for this. ➹

➹ Rewarded with a DQ ice cream cone for stuffing her face with french fries and a quarter of a hot dog made by someone other than me! And, I swear, Sydney was with us, she just didn't feel like being photographed! ➹

Saturday mornings are swim mornings around here these days, and you know what happens after morning swims, right?!  BOSA DONUTS!

➹ So proud of my amazing swimmer.  The teacher always has to go swim after her because she swims much farther than the rest of her class! ➹

➹ She is such a ham! ➹

We jumped in the pool after dinner Saturday evening, and it seriously felt like bath water.  I'm not really complaining because I sort of like it that way.  It always bums me out in the winter when it is too cold to swim in our own pool.  It was fun to do a little night swimming -- we stayed in long enough to turn the pool lights on.  

On Sunday, we went to a birthday party at a fancy country club pool.  They had a very cool splash pad / baby pool area and two awesome water slides!  I will have to try and upload some of the videos of Olivia and David going down the water slides -- they were obsessed!  I'm so proud of Olivia -- she used to be really scared of going down even a regular slide, so going down huge water slides is so awesome!

➹ My cuties on their way to the party! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

I am so glad these munchkins enjoy swimming. I can't wait for them to try out our new pool at the clubhouse. Fun weekend with awesome pictures to prove it. Love this family.