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14 November 2015

An Alice in Wonderland Halloween

If you know us at all, you will know that this Mama Loves a Theme!  We have dressed in theme for the last 4 years and it is just way too much fun.  This year, with Poppa Peter in town, we even got to include him in the theme.

Olivia was Alice last year for her fairy tale night, so we new that we would be doing an Alice theme this Halloween.  Thanks to my friend Sheri, even I had a pretty cute costume!   We had such a fun time and got so many compliments on our costumes.

I thought we would dress up again and have someone get a picture of ALL of us together, but sadly that didn't happen.  And, I wish I had a picture of my parents because they were dressed up too!  My mom was a witch and she scared the %*^$ out of Sydney!  And, my dad dressed as a pirate!  Such a fun night -- extra fun since it was a Saturday!

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Poppy said...

This had to be the best Halloween in terms of costumes. And to have Papa Peter there was special as well. Nana and Poppy had a great time passing out candy. We love that!

Love the whole family,