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14 November 2015

Monster Mashin'

It has been a CUH-RAZY few weeks.  Between Halloween festivities, an awesome visit from Poppa Peter, and heyyyyyaaaaaaaa buying a house {and basically gutting it, but that's a whole different story}, I haven't had the time or energy to blog.  So, here we are, two weeks after Halloween and I'm posting about it.  You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.  ;)

Somehow, yet again, I got roped into helping plan the class parties.  OY.  Thank goodness I have two other moms to work with.  We came up with five fun stations for the first graders to do - carnival games, monster photo booth, monster craft, and two different snack stations {because what kid doesn't love to eat tasty snacks?!}

Olivia's first grade teacher was worried that some kids might finish at the stations early, so we made the class some Monster Books that they could do fun activities in.  We also made each of the kiddos glow in the dark trick-or-treat bags.  I saw the bags on someone's IG and had my brother get one of his coworkers in Atlanta to find 25 of them from the Publix grocery stores and send them to me.  Am I spoiled rotten?  ummm, yeah.  Sheri came up with the idea of making punch and putting dry ice in it.  Who's spoiled now?  Wow.  These kids are so lucky.

➹ I spent two hours one night making all of those cups.  ➹

➹ Ok, how perfect is that monster dress on Olivia?! ➹

Sydney's party was awesome!  I had NOTHING to do with it, and only volunteered in her class that day.  Lesson learned.  :)  She got to wear her costume to school and they did a little parade around the classrooms to get their candy.   Their party was at the end of class and she changed her clothes at the first opportunity!  Since Poppa Peter was visiting, he got to see Sydney in full party mode!  What a fun morning she had!

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Poppy said...

these pictures are so special. Love everyone!