22 November 2015

She Loves to Dance

After watching Olivia have so much fun doing her Soda Shop routine at last spring's dance recital, we decided to sign her up for a performing hip-hop team at her dance studio.  It isn't anything she had to audition for, but it did require some commitments to perform once a month somewhere.  I know that at Olivia's age, I would never have had the guts to get on stage and perform, and so as long as she is excited to do that, I want to continue to encourage that.

Since dance started in August, she has been learning a hip-hop routine to the remix version of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" and a jazz routine to Best Summer Ever that she performed with all of the performing teams.  I'm so proud of how well she did with learning both routines in such a short amount of time.

Last Saturday was her first performance with doing two different time slots at Rock the Block.  And, boy did she rock it! :)

She was so excited to wear her dance uniform and get her make-up done! That might have been her favorite part.  ha.

After her two performances, Mom and I let the girls walk around and get some treats and have some fun in the Kid Zone.  They both deserved it for being so good!

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Poppy said...

These girls are so cute. Poppy missed this performance but I know it was awesome. Keep on Dancing Girl!

Love you to the moon and back,