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15 November 2015

Peanuts Weekend

Last weekend, we went to opening night of the new Peanuts movie!  Ohmygoodness!  It is such a cute movie.  I'm a sucker for the Peanuts specials, and this one was seriously the cutest of them all.  My friend Sheri turned one of my old baseball tees into a skirt for Olivia, and so all of our girls had Peanuts skirts to wear to the movie.

The pool at the new house can be heated and so we decided to give it a try last weekend.  The hot tub really warmed up and the pool got up into the high 80s.  The girls had a blast trying it out!

Olivia had dance practice one afternoon, so Poppy took Sydney fishing.  She caught her first catfish!!

1 comment:

Poppy said...

What a great weekend. Swimming in their new pool, catching two huge catfish and just hanging with them is super.

Love you all,