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14 November 2015

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

This is the first year since we've been living in Arizona that I didn't take my girls to Schnepf's Farm during the fall.  Luckily, Olivia went with her class on her first first grade field trip.  Somehow, I dodged a bullet and got out of going which was a little sad and kinda great all at the same time.  I know the kiddos had fun, and thankfully a couple really great moms updated me with pictures, but I was glad to escape the downpour that drenched the kids right as they were loading back up on the buses to go back to school.

I did my best to make sure Olivia had fun on the trip even though I wasn't there.  I packed her a cute pumpkin themed lunch that she was super excited about!  And, somehow, her teacher knew to put her with her best buddies.

➹ She ate both of those PB&J sandwiches! It's a miracle! ➹

See ya next year, Schnepf's!

1 comment:

Poppy said...

A visit to the farm is always fun! These threes gils are so sweet!