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29 March 2016

Dance, Dance, Dance, All Night Long

I've mentioned it before, but Liv is on a hip hop performance team with her dance studio.  Just this year, she has already had three performances, with another one scheduled next month, and then recitals in May.  I am so proud of her.  Not only is it a big commitment with practice at the studio and at home, but also for extra performances throughout the season.  I know she gets a little nervous before the performance, but when she is performing, she shows no fear!

Her first two performances this year were during the halftimes of two different high school basketball games (a girls game and a boys game).  They got to watch the older girls on the high school dance team perform and then those girls sat and cheered them on while they danced.  It was so cute!

We went to show our support, and Sydney said she wanted to be out on the basketball court playing basketball instead of dancing! Just love that girl!

* Olivia and her friend, Alexa, who was their rooting on her big brother's basketball team! *

Their most recent performance was before the Phoenix Suns/San Antonio Spurs game!  They performed on the court shortly before the game started!  They did awesome!  And, they had so much fun!  What a great experience for all of them!

If you want to see her whole group performance, you can see it here:

Starz in Motion Performance Team from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

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Mom Cooper said...

I was so proud of Olivia and all her dance moves. She did a great job and I can't wait to see how she improves as she gets older.