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30 March 2016

Celebration of Poppy and Celebration of Learning

It just so happened that Poppy's birthday lined up with an open house at Olivia's school called Celebration of Learning.  Olivia really wanted her Poppy there with her, and being the wonderful Poppy he is, he spent his birthday with a school full of kiddos!  {Fortunately for him, we took him to dinner the night before and treated him to Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding!}

One of the dad's in Olivia's class made these AMAZING displays for their Art Masterpiece work!  They looked like something out of a real art gallery!

These girls are seriously the luckiest!  They have the greatest Poppy and it is so obvious that these girls are his world!

Happy Birthday, Poppy!


Poppy said...

Wow! My very on blog page! I'm so happy, loved all the pic too. Thanks, Poppy sure is blessed to have all these girls.

Love you all. Poppy

Mom Cooper said...

Love to see Poppy time with the girls. Fun times all around.