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06 March 2016

Read Across America Bulletin Board!

This past week was Read Across America.  The date coincides with Dr. Seuss's birthday, and so we wanted to do a fun bulletin board that incorporated both.  I seriously worked with two of the most creative moms I know.  We threw around several ideas before landing on one where the kids would literally be sitting and reading across America.  

I went into the class a few days before we did the board and took pictures of the kids pretending to read a book.  After gathering pictures of kids from the other classroom in the hall from a previous project, I printed off the pictures of the kids and then cut them out.  I went on and printed out some popular 1st grade books onto card stock and then cut them out with enough white in front of them so I could bend them to look like an actual book.

My friend, Sheri, used her fancy shmancy Silhouette machine to cut out the states and hot air balloons, and she assembled all of the states onto foam board.  Her husband used a laser machine to cut the Dr Seuss quote out and we used spray adhesive to attach it to the background paper.  The kids loved seeing themselves on the bulletin board and were so excited to look at the different books!

Of course, Olivia is on Hawaii and she is reading Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew!

And, Nate is reading Nate the Great!

I just love how this bulletin board turned out!  It's so fun being able to do some creative and time-consuming projects for our teachers who don't have the time to do them on their own!


Poppy said...

Love this!


Mom Cooper said...

This bulletin board is one of my favorites. You should be so proud of how this turned out.