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31 March 2016

Spring Breakin' It in Newport Beach

For Spring Break this year, we ventured to Orange County to spend the week with Uncle Rhino!  He had a week off for his birthday, and with David making a trip to Venezuela, the timing was perfect to spend a week away from the house with three other adults to help watch my precious little angels!

Thanks to mom and dad for driving us out and letting us trash your car!  And, thanks to me for finding the most perfect little condo to stay in on the Newport Peninsula!  And, thanks to David for footing the bill! :)

We were busy little blondes while we were there, so here's a few pictures from our first day or so in LA.

These girls thought they were SO COOL riding in Uncle Rhino's convertible with the top down!


Poppy said...

That was one of my favorite spots in California, and everyone knows I don't care for the state at all. Loved the trip with the girls and it was a great week.

love Poppy

Mom Cooper said...

I'm thinking the girls thought they were something else riding in Uncle Rhino's car. They were Cali girls for sure. Again let me say it was such a great family week. (David you were missed).