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06 March 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Ahhhh, Valentine's Day!  The biggest Hallmark holiday of them all.  I love it for my girls...we have so much fun working on their Valentine's cards!  Liv didn't want to do sunglasses again this year, so we did silly putty lips!  Sydney wanted to do the glasses this year, and we found some cheapies from Target!  I loved the way the pictures turned out!

The girls made bath boxes for their teachers and each of their classes gave their teacher a "heart attack!"  The kids all wrote something sweet about their teacher on a heart, and we put them on a cute poster board!  Both teachers were so excited to read what the kiddos had written!

The most popular treat given out in Sydney's class was Fun Dip!  She made out like a bandit!

Poppy played in a shoot-out and came in second place!  We sure were proud of him!

The girls got spoiled by their Nana and by me for Valentine's Day!  Can't help it...I'm a sucker for these little blondes.

Over the course of February, I added a heart with a compliment written on it to their door.  I missed a few days, but I think they got a kick out of reading them.  Liv thought this one was pretty funny!

Liv loved her heart notes so much that she made me one!  I'm keeping this one forever and a lot of more F's!

For the actual Valentine's Day morning, we tried to go somewhere new for brunch.  Welllll, that didn't quite pan out the way we thought it would.  It wasn't quite a kid friendly restaurant, and instead of celebrating Valentine's Day, they were celebrating Mardi Gras, but we all ate well, and the girls had fun looking around!

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

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