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06 March 2016

My Star of the Weeker, Sydney!

A few weeks ago, it was Sydney's turn to be the Star of the Week in her classroom!  Being the mom who is always on top of things, I opened up her backpack on Monday morning to take out the previous week's work {because an On Top of Things Mom would not return a folder with work still in it} and found a folded up poster with a note saying that Sydney was Star of the Week and her poster was due on Monday!  OhNoOhNoOhNo!

Fortunately for me, my mom reminded me that I had her poster from the year before, so I ran that in to school and we worked on her poster when she came home from school that day.  #momoftheyear

I posted this story on Facebook and at least 3 different people sent me this meme:

Since she was our Star of the Weeker, I thought it would be fun to share some things about my sweet Sydney girl.  

She's Super Talented!

She loves her puppy and her poppy!

She LOVES hijacking my phone and taking selfies (and other random pictures)!

She is my little sporty spice!  She is in to softball right now, and we've had fun watching her making her face when she is playing!

She is starting to get into sassy poses for pictures!

And, every once in a blue moon, she stays the entire night in her own bed!

Love this sweet girl so much!

1 comment:

Poppy said...

She is indeed the sweetest lil lady ever. I hope she stays that way and never changes. Warms my heart whenever she comes over and crawls into my lap and looks me in the eye with that sweet face. And then she gives me a huge hug and I'm so happy.

I love both of my grand babies so much!