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09 June 2016

April Happenins

Alrighttttyyyy....seeing as how it is JUNE already, let's get April all wrapped up and put away, shall we?!  Here's hoping the pictures help me remember what all happened because the cobwebs in the ol' noggin sure aren't helping this sleep-deprived mama out too much!

➸➸ A new MOD Pizza opened up near us and we are SOOOO excited!  It's right next to Sydney's favorite place {Panera Bread} and so it works perfectly since she is not a huge fan of pizza {but she does like their milkshakes}!

➸➸  We played an April Fool's Joke on some friends and pretended Sydney cut her hair.  And then the next week, she gave herself bangs! 


➸➸  Sydney's art fair was at school one evening and I got to take a picture of both of my girls next to the same rock wall that they were always photographed against in the mornings before their classes.

➸➸  Random pictures of my most favorite four year old!

Yes, she ate all of those!

➸➸  I'm so proud of Liv and how well she has done learning to ride her bike without training wheels.  She is the kind of girl who wants to be perfect at everything, and if she's not, she is hard on herself or refuses to try.  We took the training wheels off months ago, but she would only ride in a straight line and stop by putting her legs down.  Back in April (when we could be outside for more than five minutes), we took some evenings to ride bikes and she did great!  She fell, yes, but she got back up, without crying or whining!  I was more proud of her for her persistence than if she had mastered it right off the bat!

➸➸ I had a birthday!  Sydney and I went out for pedicures, and I got a little nostalgic with some pictures of my earlier birthday parties.  Mom and Dad made my favorite meal, and they got me the yummiest ice cream cake!  (And, my brother sent me a King Cake from New Orleans!)

➸➸  Sydney is my BEST little helper ever!  I usually only have to ask her to do something once and she's on it!  Hope she always stays that way because someone in the family is the total opposite!

Wow - these flowers have changed so much since this picture!  They are still alive which is a miracle, but they have also cascaded down the side of the planters!

➸➸  Oh man, I love my little hip hop fanatic!

➸➸  The girls had a fun playdate with their friend, Nate!  He is the sweetest thing, and they had a blast swimming with him!

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Mom Cooper said...

Wowza, I don't where to begin. There was a little of this and a little of that in this post. But guess what, I loved it all. I love these girls so much and enjoy seeing the fun they are having thru some darling pictures. Keep up the good work Amanda!