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02 June 2016

It's a Bugz Play!

Olivia's group of first grade classes studied a unit on bugs this spring and then went on to do an individual report on a bug and performed a "Bugz Play" for the parents.  Olivia loved learning all about the different insects and chose to do her report on a praying mantis.  David ordered some praying mantis eggs and we were able to see them hatch, but sadly none of them made it to full size.  We also ordered some butterfly larvae and got to watch the entire life cycle!  The girls LOVED those!

Liv did a fantastic job with her lines of, "You really are to mean to me, your manners send me reeling. You had to hit me where it hurts, and now you've hurt my feelings!"  She had that sucker memorized in a matter of minutes!  {I still remember my first speaking part in my first grade Christmas play -- it was, "I'm a tennis dolly.  Won't you come and play with me?"} She loved all the songs that went with the play, and sang them so much that Sydney was able to sing along in the audience!  ;)

These bugs can come to my house any day of the week!!! 

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