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09 June 2016

First Trip to Skateland!

For a girl who LOVED going to Skateland as a kid, it is surprising for me that I have had a child for over seven years and never taken either of my girls to Skateland.  We remedied that last month when I found out Olivia's class was going on a field trip there, and I wanted to make sure she felt a little more comfortable on roller skates.  We invited our friends, Ava and Ty to go along one Saturday night and we all had a blast.  She did great, and enjoyed the field trip with her class a few days later!  I can't wait to go back!

Her lunch bag!


Mom Cooper said...

That is one cool rink. I really like the roller fangy to help the kids that need it. The kids looked like they all had a great time. If I wasn't afraid of breaking something, I would like to go skating. I was pretty good at it at one time.

Poppy said...

Wow! Another set of great pics and fun times for the girls. Poppy used to go to he skating rink even as a teenager. I loved to go skate with the girls in my class.

I wanna see them skate.