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12 June 2016

Bye Bye, Burski

Olivia's teacher this year was retiring after over twenty years of teaching, and we did our best to make this last year a great one for her.  Throughout the school year, we helped in the classroom as much as we could and brought in special treats randomly. {I'm also showing off a couple Teacher Appreciation gifts we gave out to both girls' teachers...including a sweet book made by Olivia.}

For her end of the year party, we decided to have the kids create a special quilt for her.  We sent home fabric markers and a quilt square with instructions for the kids to draw a picture of themselves and put their name on it.  Sheri picked out black and white fabrics and had the squares pieced together.  The whole thing turned out so cute!

We ended up having a pizza party with cake and a slideshow {courtesy of me} and it was such a fun afternoon!

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Mom Cooper said...

Lucky Olivia for having such an experienced, sweet, caring teacher and lucky for Miss Burski for having such an experienced, sweet, caring room mom (that would be you Amanda) for her last year of teaching. I would say it was a win-win year.