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09 April 2009

Bring on the Baby!

So, as most of you know, Sunday is our due date. MY plan, however, is for our baby girl to make her arrival tomorrow. My reason behind this is so that our weekend is spent in the hospital (and so we can possibly be home on Sunday to eat a magnificent honey-baked ham). David is only going to be able to take a few days off and my wish for him is that those days are spent at home with the new family instead of in the hospital helping me push our first-born out!

As a result, I have been trying just about anything and everything to encourage our daughter to make the descent down and out. Her unwillingness leads me to believe she is more of a Taurus than an Aries and worries me only slightly as to whether or not she'll be as stubborn as me or as stubborn as David. Neither is a good thing! Among the things I have tried (that I can mention here on this blog, that is) is walking, doing yoga moves, eating spicy foods, and eating balasmic vinegar on my salads. I'm off to the store to get the ingredients to a "labor salad" that I found online.

Apparently a restaurant had this salad on their menu and it had a 91% accuracy rate for inducing women into labor. A local radio station tried it and found success with 8 out of 10 of the women. So, I am fixing it for lunch AND dinner in the hopes that within 24 hours, we'll be having a baby. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Oh, the recipe for labor salad? Here you go:

Romaine lettuce
Red Cabbage
Chopped Walnuts
Gorgonzola Cheese
Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Eat and deliver!


Lauren said...

I would eat that salad on the daily- and I'm not even trying to have a baby! Haha, good luck. And now matter WHEN she comes; I can't wait to get the news of our new little niece making her way into the world!!!

Irma said...

Eat away my dear...can't wait to meet the new Michelson! Love you.

Jillian said...

Hmmmm, I may have to try that in a few weeks! I've also heard that foot and ankle massage sometimes work.

Amanda said...

Yes, I've been pretty much eating that salad all week, except it hasn't been romaine lettuce and watercress, so I'm hoping that's the magic ingredient. Good thing I like balsamic vinegar! I've also heard about the accupressure on your hand and ankle...we tried to find the spot the other night and couldn''s supposed to trigger a contraction. WHO KNOWS. She'll come when she's ready, and if she doesn't, I imagine the doctor will evict her.