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27 April 2009

Rub A Dub Dub, Dad and Baby in the Tub

Yesterday, Olivia's umbilical cord fell off and her dad and I decided that we would give her a real bath. Let me say, first, that she HATES sponge baths. She has had two since being home and she screamed her head off during each of them. The plus side to the baths is that she sleeps like a rock when she is done, so it makes it worth every scream and cry.

Just the beginning of the screamfest we call a sponge bath!

We were really hoping that the submersion bath would go better than the sponge baths and decided to have David get into the tub with Olivia to give her some extra security. And, Oh. My. Gosh! She loved it! Here are some great pictures we took. Oh, and she slept for a 4 1/2 hour stretch last night!!! I think every night might be bath night!

Check out the death grip on David's finger!

When David would push her farther away from him, she would get this look on her face, like, "Dad...don't do it!"


Lauren said...

I just teared up looking at those pictures... oh my gosh, what a precious angel baby. That one with the "death grip" is too beautiful.

And yes, I fully acknowledge that I'm stalking you.

Amanda said...

I stalk myself too, so don't feel bad! People MUST comment on our beautiful baby!

Mom Cooper said...

I'm glad I don't have to stalk her since I am here and can see the real thing. I love every minute of bonding with Olivia.

Jillian said...

CUTEEEEEE!!!! I can't stand it!
You're lucky her cord fell off so quickly; I think it took Ellies over two weeks to fall off.
I can't wait for the girls to meet soon!

Irma said...

Wow...what a treat for Olivia. I think babies like baths because they must associate the water and warmth with their original 'home'. What a precious baby!