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16 April 2009

I Hope You All Got a Better Night's Sleep Than We Did

Hi All,

It's about 4:15 am and we are off to the hospital. I've been pretty crampy all day long and they've grown in intensity and frequency (although, now that we have made the decision to leave, they are slowing down a bit). Hopefully the hospital won't send us home.

None of us here at the Michelson house, with the exception of Magnum, have slept tonight. When David and I finally decided to emerge from the cave that is our master suite, we discovered my parents up and waiting on us. As David described it, it was like we stayed out way to late and they were ready to bust us for partying too much. But, internet, partying never felt like this!

We'll keep you posted with texts and hopefully emails. Wish us luck.

Amanda, David and Peanut

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