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02 April 2009

Excuse Me, Can I Get a Picture of That Big 'Ole Belly??

Daniel did an incredible job taking these pictures. We had such a good time with him and his fiance Laura. I don't think there are any other photographers out there who we would feel as comfortable around. They are both truly amazing people!

We got some really great shots in our backyard.

Our peanut is only slightly larger than this one!

Daniel took us to this beautiful field of mustard flowers and got some AMAZING shots!

(My personal favorite) And, of course, no Cooper/Michelson photo shoot is complete without a shot like this!

As I have a little more time to go through all the pictures, I may find some more to post.


Lauren said...

I'm in love with them...all of them! I'm debating b/w a few for being my FAVORITE; so far the one with Dave listening to your belly, the two of you in the backyard, him kissing the belly in the backyard, and you holding the belly in the field are my favorites. What a wonderful and special memory you have created with this blessed!

Lauren said...

Ohhh wait! And the "hearts" on the belly too...what if I just love them all?!

Jillian said...

My favorite is the one of you in the feild where you can see your face. LURF THEM!

Unknown said...

Beautiful belly! You guys look great. I can see peanut smiling in a couple of them.

Marissa said...

I LOVE THEM!!! Wow, Daniel is talented, but it helps when he's got such beautiful subjects to photograph! You and Dave look radiant. Can't wait to hear all about baby girl's arrival soon! XOXO

Irma said...

LOVE them all but the first one with you both holding your hands over the belly as you form a heart with your hands is my favorite! Beautiful belly, beautiful belly button, beautiful baby...I can't wait to meet her!

Dalynn said...

I just came over from Marissa's sight. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these pictures. You two are so much fun!