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10 April 2009

Quick Update

I had my weekly doctor's appointment this morning, and there's not a lot of exciting information to report. All of my labor-inducing strategies have bumped me up 1/2 cm in dilation from last week, so I am up to 1cm. WOO - only 9 more to go. So, at this rate, we'll be in labor in about 4 months.

I went to the gym after my doctor's appointment and walked for an hour. When David finishes up work here, we're going back to the gym to walk again. I realllly want to have her this weekend!

We'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens, like contractions, lost mucus plugs or a water breakage, so STAY TUNED!


Sarah said...

Hello, random person here, de-lurking to say good luck! Hope she arrives soon!

Lauren said...

I already texted you my Mom's advice... I guess that's the best I have to offer?